7 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) For Your Body

It improves your stamina

Short bursts of intensive exercise are followed by rest or lower-intensity exercise in HIIT. Your heart rate and breathing rate rise during high-intensity periods.

It increases your strength

Fat and muscle loss are common with anaerobic training. HIIT maintains muscle by teaching it to recover and rebuild during short rest periods.

You ll burns lots of fat during your workout

HIIT is known for burning fat and calories. It burns 13 calories per minute by forcing the body to meet the heart's maximal pace.

Your body will burn fat after your workout

In addition to burning calories during exercise, HIIT boosts resting metabolic rate. The body will continue to burn calories after the workout, making calorie management easier.

It keeps your heart healthy

Clogged arteries with stable coronary artery disease can cause heart attacks. Plaque prevention requires a good diet and exercise.

It keeps you younger

HGH is created during childhood and adolescence to help people grow and develop into adults.

It s fast and therefore relieves stress

It's short, which is good for cardio haters, and can fit into a hectic schedule.