7 Dock Trends To Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Multi-Level Decks: Create visual interest and functionality with multi-level decks on your dock. Different levels can serve various purposes such as lounging, dining, and launching watercraft.

Integrated Seating and Storage: Maximize space and convenience by incorporating built-in seating and storage solutions into your dock design. Bench seating with hidden storage compartments keeps your outdoor area tidy and provides extra seating for guests.

Solar-Powered Lighting: Enhance the ambiance and safety of your dock with solar-powered lighting. Install solar deck lights along the edges of the dock, on posts, or embedded in the decking for a subtle and eco-friendly lighting solution.

Floating Gardens: Add a touch of greenery to your dock with floating gardens. These eco-friendly gardens not only beautify the space but also provide habitat for aquatic life.

Dock Accessories: Personalize your dock with a variety of accessories such as kayak racks, paddleboard holders, fishing rod holders, and boat bumpers. These accessories not only add functionality but also cater to your specific water activities.

Composite Decking Materials: Opt for low-maintenance and durable composite decking materials for your dock. Composite decking resists rot, mold, and fading, making it ideal for waterfront environments.

Entertainment Zones: Create designated entertainment zones on your dock for outdoor gatherings and relaxation. Install a built-in grill or outdoor kitchen for alfresco dining, set up a cozy fire pit area for evening gatherings, or add a hot tub for a luxurious waterfront retreat.