7 Easy Prom Hairstyles For All Hair Lengths

Half up, half down

The traditional half up, half down hairstyle is a great option if you're searching for prom hairstyles for short hair.

Low bun

A bun is an incredibly fast and simple choice if you're pressed for time. Your hair can provide more texture to your style even if it isn't washed the day before.

Messy updo

For mid-length hair, a messy updo is a simple hairstyle that can effortlessly transition your formal appearance into a more laid-back party vibe. To achieve this look, backcomb parts of your hair softly

Curly hair

Volume is essential for mid-length curly hairstyles. Check out our selection of Dream Curls products if you have naturally curly hair to maintain your curls nourished, conditioned

Prom ponytail

As easy as it may appear, a high ponytail updo may be a truly stylish approach to flaunt your dress' neckline and keep long hair in place. This may be transformed from a basic gym staple to a megawatt appearance

Straight prom hair

Straight hair is incredibly easy to style, but to get this elegant, understated look, your hair must be in top shape, so don't undervalue the importance of a good hair treatment or forego the pre-prom haircut

Fishtail braid

The fishtail, a sweet and simple hairstyle with just two parts of hair, is the most beautiful of all the plaits. Although it may appear difficult, this style of French braid is actually simpler to do than the classic version