7 Habits of Super Happy People You Need to Try


At the end of each day, my wife and I like to make time discussing what we’re most grateful for, no matter how small. Recent examples include gratitude.


The key is to start small and work towards increasing your intensity. My wife and I began working out a couple times a week and have since progressed to beginning.

Acts of Kindness

I tend to write a note of appreciation to a restaurant or hotel whenever the service is exceptional and regularly look for ways to inspire and help.

Environment Optimisation

A large reason as to where I am today is because of the support I’ve had, the people I’ve met and the circles I’ve had the privilege to be a part of.


If you’re able to practice this on a regular basis, studies have shown that you will literally be rewiring the structure of your brain.

 Living in the Now

Find joy in the present, for your life is made up of moments. Moments that if you fail to appreciate, will simply pass you by. You’ll miss the beauty of living.

Be Passionately Curious

The world is one gigantic classroom, yet many of us fail to explore it for all its wonder! One of the key characteristics of nearly all success stories is always.