7 Hip Stretches That Can Benefit Everybody 

Adductor Rock Back

Kneel tall, extend leg sideways, hands forward, rotate foot inward, push hips back, return. 3 sets x 10. Use cushion for comfort.

Quadruped Hip Half Circles

On all fours, extend right leg back, circle knee towards right arm, maintain 90° bend, then extend leg back.

Spiderman Lunge

High-plank position, right knee bends to bring foot forward by hand, then return to plank. Repeat for a dynamic exercise.


Stand hip-width apart, bend forward to touch toes, squat down with elbows inside knees, lift chest, straighten legs, and return to start.

Walking Lateral Lunges

Wide-leg squat: Step right foot wide, bend knee, keep left leg straight. Press through right foot to return to start. Repeat on left.

High Knees

Standing, drive knee up, opposite arm forward, then switch. Stay light, alternate for 10 reps each side, 3 sets.

Glute Bridge

Lift hips off the floor, aligning knees, hips, and shoulders. Squeeze glutes at the top, then lower slowly.