7 Stunning Homes Built Into Nature

Gray Frame Corner
Gray Frame Corner

Fallingwater, Mill Run, Pennsylvania: Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic Fallingwater house is built over a natural waterfall, seamlessly blending into its surroundings and offering breathtaking views of Bear Run.

Frey House II, Palm Springs, California: Designed by architect Albert Frey, this house is built into the hillside, integrating with the desert landscape and offering panoramic views of Palm Springs.

Mountain House, Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada: Designed by Milad Eshtiyaghi, this residence is nestled between four preexisting trees, blending into the rocky cliff

Doolittle House, Joshua Tree, California: Kendrick Bangs Kellogg's Doolittle House boasts a unique UFO-like design and is nestled into the desert terrain, offering warmth and coziness

House Inside a Rock, Hegra, Saudi Arabia: Inspired by the rock-cut tomb architecture of Madain Saleh, this house by Amey Kandalgaonkar blends seamlessly into the desert landscape

Cliff House, Mendocino, California: Designed by Milad Eshtiyaghi, this cliffside home offers excitement and fear with its hanging design, providing a sense of calm and connection to nature

Malin House (Chemosphere), Los Angeles, California: Designed by John Lautner, the Malin House, also known as the Chemosphere, is perched on a concrete column and offers stunning views