7 Walmart Items Frugal People Never Buy


While the low price of store-brand diapers like Parent’s Choice might be tempting, frugal shoppers often find the quality doesn't match up to name-brand competitors like Huggies or Pampers, even with potential savings from coupons.

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies:

Store-brand versions of popular snacks, like Great Value's Twist and Shout Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, can save you money compared to name brands like Oreos. However, many frugal shoppers find that the taste and quality may not be comparable


Frugal shoppers looking for batteries often skip Walmart due to higher prices compared to warehouse clubs like Sam's Club. Despite convenience, the cost per battery can be significantly lower elsewhere.


Items like Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins may seem affordable at Walmart, but frugal shoppers know they can find better deals online, such as on Amazon, where prices might be lower for the same product.

Air Conditioners:

While Walmart is known for discounts, frugal shoppers check prices carefully. For items like air conditioners, they might find better deals on other platforms like Amazon, where the same model could be considerably cheaper.

Greeting Cards:

Although Walmart offers greeting cards from $0.99, frugal shoppers opt for better deals at places like Dollar Tree, where they can often get two cards for the price of one.

Adult Sneakers:

While Walmart offers affordable shoes for children, frugal adults prioritize quality over price, especially for items like sneakers used for running and fitness. They often look for better value and durability elsewhere without necessarily spending a fortune.