8 Awful Products That Somehow Sell Millions

There's concern over inexperienced individuals selling pricey life coaching sessions, manipulating consumer psychology despite lacking expertise.

1. Life Coaching Sessions

Criticism surrounds the popularity of homeopathic medicines, viewed by some as expensive placebos with no actual medicinal value, potentially risking consumer health and finances.

2. Homeopathic Medicines

EA's sports games face scrutiny for their rising prices and perceived lack of innovation, with newer editions often criticized for minimal updates compared to previous versions.

3. Sports Video Games by EA

Debated as a financial burden rather than a protective measure, health insurance is criticized for high co-pays and deductibles, leaving individuals with substantial out-of-pocket expenses.

4. Health Insurance

Some art sales are questioned for their exorbitant prices, with examples like a simple half-blue, half-yellow painting fetching millions, raising concerns about the true value of art.

5. Art

Diamonds are criticized for high costs and ethical concerns, including human rights abuses in mining practices and environmental impacts like deforestation and ecosystem degradation.

6. Mined Diamonds

Apple's digital products are seen as overpriced, with criticisms about paying for features often unused or unnecessarily complex, questioning the value proposition of these devices.

7. Apple Products

Despite known health risks, cigarettes remain widely purchased, highlighting issues of addiction and nicotine dependence despite their detrimental effects on health.

8. Cigarettes