8 Balayage Ideas For Short Hair, From Rich Tones to Playful Pastels

Lived-In Highlights

Celebrity colorist and Redken expert Tracey Cunningham says balayage on short hair saves time at the salon.

Caramel Mocha

Olivia Thompson, a celebrity hairstylist, thinks caramel mocha highlights bring volume and depth to hair. Shorter styles, especially on fine hair, benefit from this.

Warm Dimensional Brunette

Cunningham advises against applying color too close to the root to avoid an all-over effect.

Baby Brown Balayage

Most people think balayage is a 'look,' but it's painting. Darker colors like this baby brown can be mistaken for highlights.

Ombré-Style Balayage

As shown above, balayage creates a sun-kissed, almost-ombré appearance on hair. Cunningham thinks the approach gives a natural, beachy effect.

Dirty Blonde

Balayage provides short hair movement and dimension, making it popular.

Face-Framing Butterscotch

These face-framing butterscotch pieces underscore Thompson's point that balayage highlights the best features.

Ash Blonde Brunette

Balayage creates a seamless transition from roots to end, making it ideal for low-maintenance, high-impact hair colors.