8 Best Cottage Garden Ideas We Love

Plant Both Edible and Ornamental Plants

Combine beauty and function by planting vegetables, herbs, roses, and flowers together, creating a lush, productive cottage garden.

Maximize All the Garden Space

Fill every inch of your garden with plants of varying heights, shapes, and colors to achieve a vibrant, maximalist cottage garden.

Install a Greenhouse to Work In

Add a cozy greenhouse to tend to your low-maintenance cottage garden, ensuring you can garden in any weather.

Build Stone Raised Garden Beds

Create structure and charm with stone-raised beds that warm plants and enhance the cottage garden's aesthetics.

Fence in a Vegetable Garden

Add charm and protection to your cottage garden by fencing in the vegetable section to keep out unwanted animals.

Create a Private Dining Area

Enjoy meals surrounded by nature by setting up a private dining area in your cottage garden, perfect for relaxing.

Design a Paver Walkway

Enhance your garden with a paver walkway winding through lush beds of lavender, roses, peonies, and other garden favorites.

Place a Beautiful Bird Bath

Attract birds and add visual interest to your garden with a beautiful bird bath, blending function and decoration.