8 Bug-Repelling Herbs and Plants for Your Garden

"Marigolds: hardy annuals, easy to grow, vibrant colors, natural insect repellent. Plant after frost risk. Ideal for patio planters, borders, veggie companions."


"Bay, tree or shrub, repels pests with strong fragrance. Plant in spring/fall, prune to control growth and shape."

Bay Laurel

"Basil: easy to grow, deters mosquitoes & tomato hornworm. Start indoors 6 weeks before transplanting or sow directly after last frost."


"Lavender: loved by bees & humans, repels flies, mosquitoes, & moths. Start seeds indoors in March/April, transplant after 6 weeks. Ideal for pots or mixed planters, also suits ground planting."


"Rosemary's potent scent from eucalyptol deters cabbage moths, beetles, mosquitoes, & snails. Alpha-pinene, camphor, & limonene add to its insect-repelling powers."


"This plant, with edible leaves/flowers, emits compounds repelling aphids, squash bugs, & cucumber beetles. Plant near cucumbers/squash after last frost."


"Lemony mint family member repels mosquitoes, gnats with citronellal. Start seeds indoors before last frost or sow outdoors in fall/spring. Plant outdoors after last frost."

Lemon Balm

"Mint, with menthone, menthol, & methyl esters, repels pests: mosquitos, flea beetles, aphids, ants, rodents. Plant in container to contain its invasive nature."