Although it may seem difficult to recreate the disheveled bubble pony, it's actually rather simple.

Use a fishtail braid to give your ponytail a little bit of elaborate design.

When doing your hair in a high ponytail, remember to glance up at the ceiling. Make sure the ponytail is taut and silky, and position it precisely at the apex of your head, at the crown.

Follow these easy techniques to get Ariana Grande's distinctive style. "A teasing comb or brush can be used to create a voluminous ponytail.

For a voluminous low pony, slick your hair into an incredibly tight ponytail while it's still damp. Make sure your nape is where the pony is.

If you're attempting to cover up the fact that you haven't washed your hair in a week, this is a terrific ponytail alternative.

Those with texturized hair would look stunning in this style. First, decide where you want your ponytail to be in order to get this appearance.

Medchill advises collecting your hair into a mid-height ponytail and splitting it into two portions to achieve the twisted ponytail style, a la Zoe Saldana.