8 Decent Men s Hairstyles for Formal Events 2024

This haircut suits men of all ages, is easy to maintain, and fit any situation. It works well in informal, semiformal, and formal situations, making it suitable for office wear and parties, especially for short hair.

Classic Casual Layers

For a trendy look, this haircut gives a fresh take on elegance. It looks trendy on guys under 35 with oval and elongated faces, perfect for informal and formal settings. It's flexible for all seasons.

Side Combed Haircut with Slight Fade

This trendy hairstyle suits males with oval and square faces and wavy hair. This attractive option for semiformal, casual, or party events requires regular care.

Curly Men Haircuts with Fade

A classic yet modern take on the side-swept formal hairstyle, it remains a favorite among modern Indian men. Suitable for all age groups, it exudes elegance and suits professional environments perfectly.

Side Swept Formal Hairstyle with Slight Fade

Inspired by Shahid Kapoor, this hairstyle is ideal for dense and thick hair, offering a cool, vibrant, and handsome appearance while maintaining formal sophistication. It's a versatile choice suitable for men of any age.

Formal Hairstyles for Office

Men with straight, smooth hair and elongated faces would love this hairstyle, which has longer hair on top and a deep fade below. Recommended for males over 40, especially in summer.

Deep Fade Cut

Ideal for men blessed with dense hair, this straightforward hairstyle offers a dignified and respectable appearance. It complements round and square face shapes and is suitable for men of all ages, perfect for any season.

Simple Dense Textured Hair

This short haircut has brushed hair on top and an undercut on the sides for men with short hair. It's professional, youthful, and easy to maintain, making it perfect for formal occasions.

Asian Trimmed Short Spikes