8 Fitness Habits That You Need to Start in Your 30s

Drink More Water

Lack of water causes water retention, aged skin, slow metabolism, and more. If you start drinking water young, you can slow aging.

Regular Strength Training

You lose muscular tone and strength with age. Lower muscular mass means lower daily calorie burn. Starting strength training regularly will help you stay fit.

Learn the Right Form

Don't overlook strength training. Young people don't worry about injuries, but elderly people who don't exercise properly are more likely to get hurt. Learn perfect form immediately.

Switch It Up

By mixing up your routines, you'll build a more balanced body. Change your aerobic and strength training program monthly instead of sticking to one.

Refuel Post-Workout

After a strenuous workout, eating protein and carbs within 30 minutes will help you regain energy and build muscle.

Replace Your Running Shoes Regularly

Despite being comfortable, such trainers wear out after six months of running. Try swapping them after six to eight months to avoid stress injuries, which are frequent in runners.

Fitting It In

If you struggle to fit in workouts today, think how much difficult it will be later. Make time for workouts, no matter how hard it is.

Do Pilates or Yoga

Balance, posture, and flexibility must be improved along with muscular building. Add at least one day or two of Pilates or yoga to your weekly routine to keep fit in all areas.