8 Haircare tips for women over 60

Invest in a Gentle but Effective Brush

Investing in a quality hair brush like a bristle brush helps prevent split ends and detangles gently without damage.

Tailor Your Shampoo

Choose a shampoo that addresses your hair's needs, like repairing bonds for breakage or using purple shampoo for blonde hair to neutralize brassy tones.

Try Claw Clip Hairstyles

Use claw clips for chic updos that minimize hair strain compared to elastic bands, reducing breakage and scalp stress.

Use a High-Quality Conditioner

Opt for conditioners with hydrating oils like argan and coconut, or ingredients like Keratin and Vitamin E, to improve hair texture and health.

Ditch the Hair Ties

Replace damaging elastic ties with gentler options like scrunchies or silk ties to prevent hair breakage and maintain hair health.

Be Diligent with Colour Care

Use color-safe shampoos, conditioners, and nourishing masks to maintain vibrant hair color and hydration, especially for colored or lightened hair.

Try No-Heat Styling

Avoid heat damage by opting for heatless styling methods like air-drying or sleeping in plaits to achieve stylish results without compromising hair health.

Go Short

Consider a chic bob haircut to remove damaged ends and add bounce to thinning hair, offering a fresh look and healthier hair.