8 Haircuts That Are Super Flattering For Women In Their 30s

The Classic Bob:

Timeless and chic, the classic bob suits all ages and can be styled in various ways, like Gigi Hadid’s flippy bob, adding a flirty twist to this elegant cut.

Middle-Part Afro:

Embrace natural curls with a flattering afro that softens facial features and exudes confidence, ideal for showcasing texture and volume in your 30s.

The Lob:

A longer version of the bob, the lob offers the same sophistication with more length, allowing for versatile styling closer to the shoulders, as seen in Lucy Hale’s choppy lob.

Add Curtain Bangs:

These face-framing bangs part in the middle and add length and a shaggy edge, enhancing any haircut with a stylish, effortless look that’s perfect for any age.

Rock Long Layers:

Long layers add volume and versatility, allowing for youthful beachy waves or sophisticated updos, making them ideal for adapting to different styles in your 30s.

French Girl Bangs:

Effortless and chic, French girl bangs are long, middle-parted bangs that require minimal styling, sculpting the face beautifully while fitting into the low-maintenance lifestyle of your 30s.

Side-Part Afro:

Afro-Caribbean hair shines with a side-part, adding flattering volume and dimension. Cutting the hair with a side-part ensures a balanced, rounded look that enhances facial features.

Long with Sideswept Bangs:

Sideswept bangs can update any look with a hint of nostalgia and modern sophistication. Pair them with long layers and natural highlights for a grown-up, stylish vibe.