8 Hard-to-Kill Indoor Plants That Don't Need Sunlight to Thrive

Snake Plant

Perfect for low-light areas, snake plants thrive on neglect and are ideal for corners away from windows. Their modern leaves add a chic touch to any space, and they only need watering

Spider Plant

Recognizable from office settings, spider plants are low-light champions that grow vigorously when trimmed. They prefer drainage pots and benefit from removing dead leaves to encourage new growth.


Resilient pothos plants thrive on minimal care and prefer to dry out between waterings. Overwatering can harm them, making them ideal for forgetful caretakers.

Maidenhair Fern

While ferns can be finicky, maidenhair ferns thrive in low light and high humidity. Placing them in clay pots with water-filled saucers creates a humid microclimate


Cascading ivy varieties add elegance to low-light spaces and are tolerant of sporadic watering. They're easy to propagate from clippings, making them perfect for expanding your green collection.

Cast Iron Plant

Aptly named for its resilience, the cast iron plant thrives in low light and can withstand neglect. As long as the soil remains moist (but not soggy), this plant will flourish.

Prayer Plant

This tropical plant prefers low light and high humidity, making it well-suited for bathrooms. Weekly watering keeps it happy and vibrant.

Parlor Palm

Adaptable to low-light conditions, the parlor palm purifies the air and thrives indoors. It's an excellent choice for spaces with minimal sunlight.