8 Living Room Ideas to Design Your Dream Space

Consider a Natural Clay Wall Treatment

Mitchel G. David, Beach Life Ocean City creator, believes natural clay living rooms are popular. The light clay wall colour brightens the portrait and furniture and highlights the dark fireplace's warmer tones.

Go for Multi-Purpose Furniture

Refresh Remodelling CEO Geoff Cash recommends versatile furniture, which is particularly useful for tiny living spaces. Cash recommends choose furniture that is both beautiful and multifunctional .

Incorporate Natural Elements

Nature relieves stress. This relaxing living room by @afrobohemianliving uses plants to bring the outside in.

Make Your Sofa the Focal Point

Make the sofa the room's main point and build the flow around it to create a cosy atmosphere. Inviting couches make the whole room feel more comfortable and cosier than pairs of chairs.

Go for a Neutral Wall Color

Sade explains, Living rooms are meant to be interesting but the wall colour is not always the place to do that. A lovely white, off-white, or cream softens walls and lets elements like furniture, cushions, and artwork shine.

Consider Neutral Furniture and Accessories

To offset a dramatic wall colour, use neutral furniture and accessories. Interior designer Savannah Phillips of The Knobs Company says, When designing anything I always think about flexibility.

Aim for Clean Lines

Phillips adds, One of my all-time favourite ways to design a home is to use clean lines and a more minimalistic approach, The huge current décor items come and go, but fundamental geometrical motifs on furniture are always present.

Consider Blacks and Grays

Phillips states, While often a feared or shamed design choice, I cannot get enough of black or grey designs. Black or darker exteriors absorb more sun and warmth than brighter colours, which may cut winter heating bills.