8 Plants for the Windowsill to Create a Charming Display

Burro’s Tail

A succulent with pale green leaves, Burro’s Tail flowers pinkish blooms. Native to Mexico and Honduras, it thrives in sunny spots where its trailing leaves won't be disturbed.


Geraniums are perfect for window boxes or large window spaces. Typically grown as annuals in temperate zones, they bring vibrant blooms to any sunny windowsill.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is a classic, easy-care houseplant. Ideal for windowsills with limited sunlight, it can handle darker spots and still thrive beautifully.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera thrives in containers on windowsills with full to partial sun. This succulent requires sparing water, making it a low-maintenance indoor plant.

Hoya ‘Tricolor’

Known as wax plants, Hoyas are vining plants from Asia. The Hoya ‘Tricolor’ features sun-flushed red growth in bright light, perfect for sunny windowsills.

Spider Plant

A warm-weather perennial, the spider plant survives indoors with less sunlight. Place it in a window exposed to plenty of shade for optimal growth.

Rubber Plant

With glossy leaves, the rubber plant loves bright light and can tolerate drying out between waterings. It's an easy-care tropical houseplant for bright windows.

African Milk Tree

This succulent has an interesting shape and prefers bright, indirect sunlight. A southern-facing window is ideal, though it can tolerate full sun without very hot temperatures.