8 Rice Desserts That Turn Those Grains Into Gold

Diner-Style Rice Pudding:

This nostalgic dessert recipe brings back the comforting flavors of old-school rice pudding, enhanced with a touch of molasses. The molasses adds a subtle depth and richness to the creamy rice, making it a beloved favorite for any occasion.

Salted Caramel Risotto:

For a sophisticated twist on traditional risotto, this recipe combines the creamy texture of short-grain rice with the complex flavors of caramel, vanilla, and a hint of salt. 

Sticky Rice With Mango:

A classic Thai dessert that celebrates the sweetness of perfectly ripe mango paired with sticky rice cooked in coconut milk.

Coconut Rice Pudding Pie:

Inspired by a beloved recipe from MeMe’s Diner in Brooklyn, this pie starts with a crust made from sweet and salty sesame-stick crumbs.

Pastiera di Riso:

A delightful Italian dessert traditionally served during Easter, this version substitutes wheat with rice, creating a creamy and aromatic pie that's rich with cultural heritage and family tradition.

Cardamom Kheer:

Originating from South Asia, kheer is a creamy rice pudding flavored with cardamom and garnished with ground unsalted pistachios and edible flowers. 

Apricot Rice Pudding Pops:

These frozen treats combine the creamy texture of rice pudding with the sweetness and chewiness of dried apricots. Infused with coconut, lemongrass, and ginger flavors, they offer a refreshing twist on traditional popsicles.

Caramel Rice Pudding:

Elevate traditional rice pudding with a luscious homemade caramel sauce and the richness of egg yolks. This version adds a luxurious twist to the creamy vanilla base, making it a decadent treat for any occasion.

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