8 Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women with Curly Hair

Shoulder Cut

Ideal for thicker curls, this cut frames the face beautifully without any bangs or fringes, keeping curls well-defined and trimmed.

Bob Cut

Short and powerful, the bob cut utilizes natural texture to create a statement look, especially flattering for those with round faces seeking angular definition.

Medium Cut With Highlights

Offering volume without compromise, this medium cut highlights curls while preventing flatness, perfect for adding life to dull locks.

Layered Curls

Creating a weightless shape with volume and movement, layered curls are ideal for medium to long-length hair, providing a volumizing effect.

Long Curls With Fringes

A playful yet structured look, long curls with fringes frame the cheeks, offering a versatile style that stays fresh with regular trims.

Side Parted Short Curls

Showcasing short curls with a side partition, this style emphasizes facial features and maintains bounce and softness with hydrating serum.

Stacked Curls

Perfect for long hair, stacked curls create graduated layers for a runway-ready look, offering full-bodied volume and chic movement.

Basic Center-Parted Curls

Highlighting facial features and framing the face, center-parted curls suit any hair length and texture with low maintenance styling using sea salt spray for beachy waves.