8 Small Bedroom Ideas To Help Your Space Live Larger, According To Designers

Create a stylish side table by stacking coffee table books in a small bedroom. Add a nightlight and candle for a cozy ambiance.

Pile Up Book on the floor

Utilize a trundle bed in a small space, which tucks away when not in use. Make use of the windowsill as a bedside table.

Opt for a Trundle

Transform a corner into a cozy seating nook with vintage chairs recovered in vibrant prints. Perfect for lounging, reading, and chatting.

Duck Into Corners

Achieve a moody sanctuary with modern light fixtures and offbeat paint colors. Incorporate simple furnishings like an old bedside table and jute rug.

Practice Restraint

Opt for lucite side tables to add modernity without making the room feel cramped. Ideal for small spaces.

Use Lucite

Stay organized with custom wall built-ins that store clothing behind closed doors. These built-ins accommodate irregular ceiling structures

Build Narrow Custom Storage

Maximize space by placing the bed beneath the window and adding bold curtains for style and privacy. Incorporate a quartz desktop for a functional workspace.

Squeeze In a Desk

Make the most of high ceilings and large windows by hanging curtains at the top to maximize visual space. Have fun with color, shape, and prints.

Pay Attention to Scale