8 Tips You Should Learn Before Moving to the USA

Apply for your visa

There are around 21 different kinds of temporary work visas available in the US. The H-1B is one of the most popular ones.

Get a job in the USA

Are you trying to find a job that will hire international workers? Make sure the position is willing to sponsor your work visa at all times.

Master the American Slang

Learning a language is a more involved process than simply passing exams and reading English-language literature in class.

Explore American Cuisine

The USA is renowned for its large restaurant servings. Compared to the 1950s, the average fast-food meal is now around four times larger.

Familiarize Yourself with American Holidays

The championship game of the National Football League (NFL) becomes a significant cultural occasion. It's a day for get-togethers, festivities, and football viewing.

Open a Bank Account

In the US, opening a bank account often requires providing the bank with certain personal information, such as your ID, proof of residency, and an initial deposit.

Get a Prepaid SIM Card

In the USA, obtaining a prepaid SIM card is rather simple. You may get one at the airport, convenience stores, or even supermarkets as soon as you arrive in the United States.

Embrace Must-Have Apps for Immigrants

When you're adjusting to significant life changes or new challenges, mobile applications may be quite helpful. Consider Eventbrite, which is excellent for seeing local events.