Palm Tree
Palm Tree

9 Best Hanging Plants for Every Room of Your House

This hanging houseplant features furry green leaves with a distinctive purple midrib and produces unique white, fringed flowers resembling snowflakes. 

Alsobia dianthiflora:

Known for its heart-shaped leaves variegated with chartreuse and gold, the Brasil Philodendron is easy to grow and looks best in medium to bright, indirect light.

Philodendron Brasil:

With longer and more narrow leaves than traditional pothos varieties, the Cebu Blue Pothos features foliage with a distinct silvery-blue cast.

Cebu Blue Pothos:

This trendy plant is prized for its curled and crinkled leaves, making it a standout addition to any indoor space.

Hoya compacta:

Also known as the Little Swiss Monstera, this plant boasts trailing vines with leaves adorned with irregular holes, resembling Swiss cheese.

Monstera adansonii:

A newer selection of the Golden Pothos, the Manjula features variegated leaves in shades of cream and white. It grows best in medium to bright.

Epipremnum Manjula:

This hanging ivy plant showcases small leaves boldly edged in cream and white, adding an elegant touch to cool, bright rooms. It's a classic choice for gracing living rooms and bedrooms.

Hedera Mini Adam:

With festively streaked green leaves adorned with cream and pink, the Nanouk is a stunning selection of the inch plant. It thrives in bright, indirect light.

Tradescantia Nanouk:

Also known as the Prayer Plant, this plant is cherished for its playfully patterned leaves that fold at night, resembling praying hands.

Maranta leuconeura: