9 Best Houseplants for Your Bathroom

Lacy asparagus fern thrives in bathroom humidity. It thrives in moderate or bright light, therefore be near a window.

Asparagus Fern

Bamboo is an invasive garden spreader, therefore growing it in pots reduces its size.


Rex begonias thrive indoors due to their striking foliage begonias like humidity but not waterlogged soil, which causes root rot.


Bromeliads bloom for long periods in places where most houseplants don't. Winter bromeliads bloom yellow, pink, or crimson for weeks.


This tropical two- to three-foot houseplant is one of the few that can survive virtually complete shade. Variegated plants need more light than green ones.

Cast-Iron Plant

The Chinese evergreen, one of 20 Aglaonema species, is one of the most adaptable plants.

Chinese Evergreen

Croton plants come in many vibrant colours, and pictum has multicoloured leaves.


Dieffenbachia thrive with little care. When soil seems dry a few inches below the surface, water them.


Many houseplants can survive bathroom temperature and humidity, including ferns.