9 Colorful, Mood-Boosting Houseplants to Brighten Your Space


With its striking purple-black foliage, Geogenanthus adds a touch of drama to bright spaces. Ideal for areas with above-average humidity like kitchens or bathrooms

Baltic Blue Pothos

A showstopper with its bluish-green elongated leaves, Baltic Blue Pothos flourishes in bright, indirect light. Perfect for living rooms or dens where it can trail vertically, this plant requires medium water levels

Silver Dragon Alocasia

Featuring thick green leaves with a silver overlay, Silver Dragon Alocasia brings elegance to any indoor space. Similar to Geogenanthus, it thrives in medium to high light with moderate humidity levels.

Global Green Pothos

This new variety of pothos boasts green-on-green variegation, offering a fresh twist on a classic plant. Tolerant of a range of light and humidity conditions, it's equally at home in low light

Schumi Red Peperomia

With metallic red-purple leaves, Schumi Red Peperomia adds a burst of color to bright corners. Ideal for desks or workspaces, this small houseplant requires medium light

Stromanthe Plant

Featuring variegated leaves in shades of pink, cream, and green, Stromanthe adds movement and color to indoor spaces. Thriving in medium to high light with moderate humidity

Moonlight Philodendron

With frilly, deeply cut leaves in brilliant green, Moonlight Philodendron is an easy-to-grow plant suitable for virtually any location. Thriving in medium to high light conditions

Dragon Tree

Slow-growing and maintenance-free, Dragon Tree features long green and pink spiky leaves. Versatile and eye-catching, it's suitable for both focal points and quiet corners.


Known for its bold red blooms and glossy green leaves, Anthurium adds a touch of drama to any space. Requiring bright, indirect light and moderate humidity, it's perfect for showcasing.