9 Haircuts That Can Make You Look Older Than You Really Are

The Undercut

Shaving one side while leaving the rest long can give off an '80s vibe. If disliked, it's hard to fix without buzzing it all off, leaving limited styling options and potentially regretting the bold choice.

The Pixie Cut

Short and trendy, but exposes facial imperfections and wrinkles, often making women appear older since it's popular among older generations. Its minimalist style lacks coverage for aging features.

The Bouffant Style

Retro and voluminous, but daily teasing and heavy hairspray can damage hair and give an outdated look reminiscent of older eras. Maintaining this style requires significant effort.

Micro Bangs

These short bangs create a harsh line across the forehead, drawing attention to fine lines and making the style look unnatural and less carefree. They demand precise upkeep and can accentuate facial imperfections.

Going Super Short

Close-cropped hair highlights facial features, drawing attention to fine lines, saggy skin, and other aging signs, with no hair to soften the look. It's a low-maintenance option that may not suit all face shapes.

The Short Spikey Look

Youthful and rebellious, but emphasizes thinning hair and bald spots, making it less suitable for mature women with already thinning hair. Requires frequent styling and upkeep to maintain its edgy appearance.

Super Long Hair

While long hair can signify youth, it often appears thin and lacks volume as it ages, making it less flattering for older women. It requires extensive care to avoid looking limp and lifeless.

Pin-Up Curls

Perfect for themed events, but these structured curls can look dated and highlight an older, retro aesthetic not suited for everyday wear. They require meticulous styling and may feel out of place in modern settings.

A Bob With Bangs

Blunt cuts can emphasize a sagging jawline and forehead wrinkles, drawing attention to aging features rather than softening them. Careful styling is needed to balance the cut with facial contours.