9 Things To Keep Out Of Your Living Room, According To Designers

Avoid Matching Furniture Sets

Chanda Kea from Kea Interiors suggests steering clear of matching furniture sets as they can make your space look generic and resemble a furniture store. 

Children s Toys

Store toys and games in spaces other than the living room, suggests Kea. Consider using a playroom, closet, or bedroom to keep the living room clutter-free.

Pet Beds and Cages

Caroline Harvey of Simply CH Lifestyle & Interiors advises against having pet beds and cages in the living room due to their bulky and unattractive nature. 

Recliner Style Seating

Recliner-style sectionals aren t aesthetically pleasing and can be difficult to complement with other decor styles.

Avoid Oversized Armchairs

Feldman recommends avoiding oversized armchairs in the living room as they can hinder social interaction in group settings, suggesting that they re better suited for the family room.

Ensure Proper Rug Size

Dawn Heuer advises against skimping on rug size, as too-small rugs can make the room feel disjointed. A properly sized rug defines the space and anchors the furniture.

Consider Budget-Friendly Rugs

Anne Hammett suggests opting for wool or sisal rugs in the living room, as they are durable and budget-friendly. 

Opt for Statement Light Fixtures

Instead of ceiling fans, Molly Basile recommends statement light fixtures or decorative sconces in the living room to add character and style.

Choose Personalized Artwork

Personalized artwork not only complements the design of your space but also evokes the desired feelings while spending time in the living room.