9 Things you should know before visiting New York City

Let me say this again: Manhattan is fantastic. After all, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and gorgeous Central Park are located there, making it a must-visit location in New York City.

New York City is so much more than Manhattan

The five-borough subway and bus system of New York City Transit is well-known for its (relative) dependability and round-the-clock service.

You can take the train anywhere and everywhere

Well done on your decision to take the train! All you need to know now is the fundamentals of subway etiquette.

Understand subway etiquette

With more than half a million bicycle journeys conducted in cities every day, biking is a truly great way to explore.

Ride a bike

In the city, the majority of establishments use credit cards; however, street vendors and smaller stores might only accept cash.

Bring cash

New Yorkers speak like other Americans most of the time. But we do have our own lingo, and a lot of it has to do with eating.

Understand NYC lingo

Please refrain from doing it. In 2014, even Bill De Blasio, the former mayor of New York City, faced mockery for engaging in such behavior.

Don't eat a slice of pizza with a knife and fork

NYC: Famous for pizza, bagels, hot dogs, and more. Diverse cuisine from around the world awaits.

From NYC classics to world foods, you should try it all

Visitors with disabilities can get information about accessible restaurants, museums, festivals, and other attractions in the city by visiting NYC Tourism's Accessible NYC Guide.

Safety tips for visitors