Best 9 Ginger Beer Cocktails to Spice Up Your Happy Hour

Dark and Stormy

A 2-minute rum highball made with ginger beer, dark rum, ice cubes, and a lime wedge; no cocktail shaker needed. Perfect for a quick and refreshing drink on warm evenings.

Pimm’s Cup

A summery low-ABV drink with ginger beer, Pimm’s, strawberries, orange slices, cucumber, and mint. Ideal for backyard gatherings or picnics in the park.

Moscow Mule

A classic vodka cocktail with ginger beer and lime, optionally served in copper mugs. The copper mugs enhance the experience by keeping the drink extra cold.

Redheaded Saint

A tequila and mezcal cocktail with ginger beer, fresh lime juice, and homemade raspberry syrup. Offers a smoky twist on traditional cocktails with its mezcal base.

Buck Buck Mule

A light and gingery gin drink with Fino sherry and a cucumber garnish. The Fino sherry adds a unique depth to the refreshing flavors.


A rye whiskey drink with ginger beer and Angostura bitters for a spicy kick. Perfect for whiskey enthusiasts looking to explore new flavor profiles.

Gin-Gin Mule

A refreshing cocktail with homemade ginger beer, gin, simple syrup, lime juice, and fresh mint. Celebrates the bright flavors of fresh mint and homemade ginger beer.

Kentucky Buck

A bourbon cocktail with muddled strawberries, lemon juice, and ginger beer for a springtime vibe. Ideal for enjoying on a sunny afternoon.

Blackberry-Cucumber Mule

A flexible mule recipe with gin or vodka, ginger beer, blackberries or any fresh/frozen berries, cucumber, and mint. Adaptable to whatever berries are in season.

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