Best Annual Flowers to Liven Up Your Yard

Marigolds are hardy and drought-tolerant annuals that bloom in cheerful shades of yellow, orange, apricot, and cream. 


Available in shades of pink, white, and red, begonias come in many varieties, including stunning winged-leaf types. 


Sweet Alyssum is a low-growing, sweetly-scented annual that blooms in pink, purple, and white. 

Sweet Alyssum

Known as summer snapdragon, Angelonia features tiny flowers in white, pink, yellow, peach, purple, and bicolor.


Sunflowers are easy to grow from seed and can reach heights from 1 to over 10 feet. 


Resembling Queen Anne’s lace, Ammi features frilly flowers on long stems, making it an excellent cut flower. 


Pansies and violas bloom best in cooler weather and come in various colors. They prefer full sun but can tolerate some afternoon shade in hotter climates.

Pansies and Violas

Petunias are a favorite annual available in many colors, including striped varieties. They attract pollinators and newer types bloom.