Billie Eilish sparks backlash from Taylor Swift fans after criticising vinyl special editions

After calling out other musicians for putting out vinyl limited editions in an attempt to increase album sales, Billie Eilish provoked a backlash from followers of Taylor Swift.

The 22-year-old singer of Bad Guy expressed her fury at "some of the biggest artists in the world" releasing several copies of the same record, saying it showed their disregard for the environment in favour of financial gain.

Vinyl versions frequently come with extra tracks or a different cover art, which entices collectors to purchase the entire set.

"I find it bothersome that we're still in a phase where people are so concerned with their success and earnings and all of your favourite musicians are engaging in such behaviour," Eilish stated to the music publication Billboard.

Many took the remarks to be a jab at Swift, who regularly puts out vinyl versions of her albums. For example, her 2020 album Folklore was available in eight special editions.

Eilish acknowledged that she was guilty of the behaviour herself, but she maintained that she had been targeting the music business rather than any specific people.