Discover the 8 Most Popular Large, White Dog Breeds

Great Pyrenees

Originally from France, these large, protective dogs are known for their affection toward families and calm demeanor, making them excellent companions and livestock guardians.


Medium-sized with thick, double-layered coats, Samoyeds originated in Siberia as working dogs, renowned for their friendly nature and iconic curled tails.


Also known as "mop dogs," Komondors have distinctive corded coats and excel as watchdogs due to their protective instincts and calm demeanor with families.


Hailing from Turkey, Akbash dogs are independent and protective, ideal as watchdogs but may prefer being the only pet due to their self-governing nature.

Labrador Retriever

Popular for their friendly and outgoing personalities, Labs come in various colors including light shades, known for their affection toward children and need for exercise.

White German Shepherd

Distinct with their pure white coats, these German Shepherds are loyal and intelligent, requiring regular grooming and showing a recessive white hair gene.

Berger Blanc Suisse

Descendants of German Shepherds in Switzerland, these dogs are energetic and family-friendly, distinguished by their gentle temperament and white coat.

Standard Poodle

Known for elegance and athleticism, Standard Poodles are versatile and intelligent, excelling in various activities from obedience training to therapy work, forming strong bonds with their owners.