Geriatricians Say These 8 Signs Indicate You ll Age Well

With the skin being the human body s most noticeable organ, there is no surprise how conflated with age it has become. Having more melanin means skin will age more slowly, though it is no substitute for sunblock.

Melanin for the Win:

Having baby-faced features usually aligns with youthful skin, but there may be more to it than just a young complexion. Having larger, round eyes, a babyish little nose, and a mouth closer to the chin are all indications your appearance will remain youthful for many years.

Baby Faces:

We inherit traits from our parents, and our genes dictate cellular function, so a young-looking mom or dad could mean you won the aging lottery. However, even sprightly parents cannot mask a poor lifestyle putting on the ounces with fast food takeouts or skipping leg day every week is still not an option.

Youthful Parents:

According to Ian Stewart, Ph.D., author of Why Beauty Is Truth: A History of Symmetry, facial symmetry shows a stronger than average resistance to toxins, diseases, and emotional trauma encountered in the womb and beyond. 

Symmetrical Facial Features:

Humans can be every bit as thoroughbred as prize-winning animals. A head of shining, shimmering follicles demonstrates a body rich in necessary nutrients such as biotin. The human hair vitality connection goes back to ancient times. 

Shiny Hair:

Most impressionable young people have skin that sits tightly on their faces, though as gravity takes its toll, the triangle of youth becomes more oval-shaped. High cheekbones delay the sagging, jowly look we associate with growing old.

 High Cheekbones:

People who can absorb vitamin D and calcium more readily have more chances of aging well. Those lucky people born with strong, square teeth, tough bones, and a rigid jawline will keep a more defined facial structure than other less fortunate citizens.

Strong Bones:

We all have that friend who eats like a senior football player but has zero body fat, and they will be happy to hear that low BMI indicates a long, youthful life. While we can t all have the same metabolism as Iggy Pop, we can try.

Fast Metabolism: