The 7 Plants That Won't Thrive When Grown In A Terracotta Pot

Ferns thrive indoors with proper care. They require moist soil, warmth, and humidity. Neglecting these needs may cause drooping and yellowing leaves.


Lilies are elegant, low-maintenance perennials. Provide 8 hours of sunlight and use plastic containers with good drainage for optimal growth.


Canna lilies, not true lilies, are striking subtropical perennials. They thrive in warm hues and require ample moisture, making terracotta unsuitable.


Elephant ears thrive in warm, humid conditions. Avoid terracotta pots, as they dry out quickly. Opt for large glazed ceramic, plastic, or metal containers.

Elephant ears

Creeping Jenny, ideal near water features, thrives in moist conditions. Use small plastic containers to showcase its cascading vines and yellow flowers.

Creeping Jenny

Cardinal flowers thrive in moist environments. Avoid terracotta pots, as they drain moisture. Ideal for attracting hummingbirds due to their sweet scent.

Cardinal flowers

Umbrella plants, with toxic sap, thrive in warm, humid conditions. Avoid terracotta pots and ensure consistent moisture to prevent leaf shedding.

Umbrella plant