The 8 Best Grocery Stores in Los Angeles

Trader Joe's

Known for its affordable prices and unique product offerings, Trader Joe's is a national chain beloved by many Angelenos.


 Famous for its celebrity clientele and pricey items like the $17 Haley Bieber Strawberry Glaze Skin Smoothie, it's a hotspot for those seeking organic, specialty foods.

Northgate Market

 From scratch-made bolillo rolls to various types of ceviche, Northgate Market offers high-quality, culturally rich foods at reasonable prices.

Fish King

Located in Glendale, Fish King specializes in fresh seafood, including poke, shrimp, and oysters. 

Bristol Farms

Bristol Farms blends gourmet groceries with Hollywood flair, offering a unique shopping experience.

Besties Vegan Paradise

Catering exclusively to vegans, Besties Vegan Paradise offers cruelty-free snacks, frozen meals, and deli items.

HK Market

A large Korean grocery store in Koreatown, HK Market is stocked with international produce, fresh seafood, and Korean specialties.

Wine + Eggs

This upscale bodega in Atwater Village combines local charm with gourmet offerings. Known for its curated selection of wines, craft beers, and specialty foods.