The 8 Most Colorful Snakes You ll Find on Earth

Bamboo Pit Viper

Southern India is the native home of bamboo pit vipers. While some have plain green dorsal sides, others have patterned ones.

Kenyan Sand Boa

The eyes of Kenyan sand boas are on top of their heads, making them maybe the cutest snakes in the world.

Blotched Palm Pit Viper

The reddish brown markings on their green body help blotched palm pit vipers blend in with their rainforest surroundings.

Eyelash Viper

Eyelash vipers can be red, pink, brown, crimson, or brilliant yellow, and they are found in Central and South America.

Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake

Although there are plenty of rattlesnakes in Arizona, the Sonoran mountain kingsnake is both beautiful and harmless!

Mangrove Snake

Mangrove snakes often have a black base colour with bands that range in colour from pale yellow to cream. They are mildly venomous colubrids with rear wings.

Amazon Basin Tree Boa

Until 2009, scientists divided the species into two groups: the northern and southern Amazon Basin tree boas. Prior to this, they were thought to be a subspecies of the emerald tree boa.

Madagascar Tree Boa

The reddish-brown markings on the newborn Madagascar tree boa are unique to the island.