The Dangerous Plant You'll Want To Stay Far Away From

Dumb Cane

This tropical plant adds a lush look to your decor but is toxic if ingested, causing burning and swelling of the tongue and throat. Keep it out of reach of pets and children by placing it

English Ivy

Perfect for draping from shelves or containers, English ivy can cause skin irritation, throat burning, fever, and rash if ingested. Place it high off the ground to prevent access by children and pets.

Easter Lily

These beautiful flowers are toxic to cats, potentially causing kidney failure if ingested. Remove the yellow stamens to prevent pollen exposure and keep them out of reach of pets.

Peace Lily

While popular for low-light conditions, peace lilies can be toxic if large quantities of leaves are eaten. Place them atop bookshelves to keep them away from pets and children.


Toxic if ingested, daffodils can cause stomach problems, high blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat. Keep them on high surfaces or grow them in terrariums to prevent access.


Widely used indoors, philodendrons can cause burning and swelling of the lips, tongue, and throat if ingested. Keep them away from the floor due to their trailing habit.


Similar to philodendrons, pothos can cause similar symptoms if ingested. Hang them in baskets to keep them out of reach.

Sago Palm

A tropical plant that is poisonous if ingested, causing vomiting, diarrhea, and potential liver failure. Place it away from children and pets.