Tips for How to Decorate With What You Have for an Easy Update

Create a Focal Point

Utilize mirrors or artwork paired with furniture to establish a focal point in a room lacking natural attention-grabbers like fireplaces or televisions.

Pile on Pillows

Enhance the coziness and appeal of your living room by arranging a variety of throw pillows on the sofa, combining different patterns and colors for a charmingly mismatched aesthetic.

Display Items in Threes

Opt for odd-number groupings when arranging objects on mantels or shelves to create visually appealing displays, arranging items in threes or fives for an eye-catching arrangement.

Add Comfort to Chairs

Elevate the comfort level of wooden dining chairs or benches by draping faux sheepskin throws over the seats or backrests, adding both comfort and textural contrast to your dining area.

Prop Up a Mirror

Utilize framed mirrors leaned against walls to serve as impactful art pieces, enhance natural light, and create the illusion of spaciousness by reflecting light and visually extending the room.

Rearrange Furniture

Experiment with different furniture arrangements to refresh the look of a room without investing in new pieces, trying out variations like changing sofa orientations or pulling furniture away from walls.

Turn Objects into Wall Art

Curate a unique and striking wall display by mounting a collection of everyday objects such as baskets or hats, offering a creative alternative to traditional artwork for an eclectic gallery wall effect.

Hang a Thoughtful Display

Transform greeting cards and postcards into a charming wall display by clipping them to a wire photo frame or string, creating an uplifting and personalized décor element.